As one of the leading relocation service providers in the UAE, we offer our clients an all-inclusive, comprehensive package with an exceptional level of service and value for money. These services include packing customers’ belongings, solving the hassles of documentation, dealing with customs formalities at either end, speedy and safe air or sea freight forwarding with complete destination services to your new house. International relocation is never as easy as picking up bags and baggage and moving on. It is a complicated, elaborate process that requires immense experience, detailed planning, and thorough coordination. One needs an organization that understands and handles the myriad problems of disruption smoothly and surely.

Our Services Include:


Transferring to a new assignment is not easy, and for a hassle-free move, an international moving company must have the knowledge, experience, and comprehensive resources to transport you globally. Abreco can relocate you across the globe using our professional team, who takes complete control of all the relocation processes right from packing, documentation, customs formalities, and shipping via air, sea, or land from and to all major gateways. We comply with our objective of providing tailor-made solutions to our customers by offering personal attention and meeting their specific needs related to their moves, and ensuring a hassle-free move.


Whether you are moving internationally or across the town, Abreco ensures that extra care is taken for all items that are to be wrapped and packed. With various moving challenges like oversized furniture, fragile items, etc., we ensure all aspects are discussed and well planned to offer a seamless relocation.


While office relocations can be a stressful experience, they can be made to go easily with good planning. Abreco offers customized office relocation services to ensure that business activities are not disrupted. We have the experience and expertise to help you build successful company relocation solutions and relocate your office with minimal interruption. We ensure that your business is not disrupted and that downtime is kept to a minimum.


A robust warehouse and distribution system is the key to success for every organization in today’s demanding and competitive industry. As a freight forwarding firm, our exceptional storage services, take care of all your logistic needs efficiently, assuring little risk for maximum production. With a capacity of 50,000 sq. m, we offer customized Warehousing & Storage Services. We provide safe and secure storage with full insurance coverage (insurance is optional). In addition, we provide storage in transit.


We would be happy to assist families with every aspect of their relocation to their new home. This service also includes assistance with completing administrative and local formalities for driving/liquor license applications, health care facility registration, and phone/internet connections at your house.

Look See Orientation

The goal of this service is to demonstrate the local areas and city, highlighting desired residential sectors and, if necessary, educational facilities. The service can be delivered before the transfer is accepted, allowing you to make the right decision for your needs and comfort.

Education Advisory and Support Services 

The right education program is essential, abreco can assist you in finding the right schools. We can provide a variety of educational options as well as arrange tours to international schools in the area.